Reasons to Choose Fabuwood Wood Cabinets for your kitchen

Fabuwood offers all the benefits that you would expect from high quality kitchen cabinets and even though Fabuwood cabinets are cost effective solutions. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your kitchen is important and one of the most affordable options you can get is Fabuwood. There are countless online retailers who deal in Fabuwood products and these Fabuwood kitchen products have significantly lower costs compared to other variants of wood or wood-based materials.

Why Choose Fabuwood?

  • Outstanding Quality; A solid cabinet construction with a 1/2 inch select birch plywood that will last you a lifetime. All Fabuwood cabinets are backed with a 5 year limited warranty.
  • Affordable; Who says style has to compromise on price? At Fabuwood, we care about our customers and aim to provide beautiful, stylish cabinetry at affordable prices.
  • Standout Style; We currently offer eleven different cabinet profiles in 25 different colors and finishes. Stay tuned - we are always on the lookout to add new styles to our inventory.
  • Nationwide Dealers; Fabuwood dealers are available for you nationwide.Style Granite is one of them located in Staten Island.We will guide you through our latest styles and accessories. So why wait? contact us today!

Overall,around New York City Fabuwood is one of the best alternatives to more expensive variants of wood  cabinets and even though the material is inexpensive, it’s high on quality and value and you get highly cost-effective solutions for your kitchen. Most importantly, Fabuwood products are long lasting and you can get years of service out of Fabuwood products. These strong and high end cabinets should serve your purpose for years to come.